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Having the authority to check the unknown numbers whether these numbers are authentic or not is not a big task nowadays because several websites are serving greatly in this scenario.

OKsms is an online one-click verifying app which provides temporary, anonymous, free, disposable phone numbers for you to receive verification codes online and to enhance your business.

This application is one of the amazing sources of getting the Bulk of verified numbers so that you can grow your business. So basically, this application works in two factors, One is the verification of numbers you put here, and the second one is providing you with a list of anonymous but verified numbers so that you can use these sources to use in your business, like sending emails, marketing through SMS, faxes and for other communication tactics.

It also ensures that your calls are being routed through the correct route. You can easily recognize whether the number is fake or Valid.

Also, this Application is highly recommended for legitimate purposes because it is totally safe to use, and there’ll be no malicious virus on your device while downloading it and normally uses a secure algorithm to check the accuracy.

Want to know how to download this incredible application without getting stuck at any step?
Of-course Yes! Then read on the further given details carefully because we are going to explain every single point just right below!

How To Install And Sign-Up The OKsms? (Making An Account On Oksms Is Too Easy Now!)

There is a very easy and simple method of downloading this application; also, the layout they’ve made for their audience is very straightforward and simple. That’s why a huge chunk of the audience is attracted by this app. You can also be a part of this platform; all you have to do is to follow the given instructions,

How To Install And Sign-Up The OKsms?
source : m.apkpure
  • Go to the APK Combo and start installing it from here, as we’ve pasted a link here, so let’s get started it.
  • After downloading the application, Put the required data into the empty sections.
  • Fill in the “Email” and authentic “Phone number” bar.
  • After that, You have to create the “Pin code” for security purposes.
  • Now, Select the “Phone number” you want to choose.
  • A verification code (OTT) is sent steadily to you.

And Lo! You have successfully installed and signed up for the Oksms.

Best 5 Features Of OkSms

  1. Compose SMS faster-using notification panel that’s why such a time-saving platform.
  2. The verification procedure is very fast and works with just one click, as we’ve explained above.
  3. Another feature is that users can save their verified numbers so they can quickly access them later.
  4. Switch to automatic night mode or enable night mode automatically based on the time.
  5. Smart SMS management app, Fast and sleek template management to make the platform user-friendly.

Now, if you’re looking for the working strategy of the Oksms, Then take a look here!

How Oksms Works?

The working tactics of this application are so simple so that every person using it can easily understand and start its work. The trustworthy rate of this application is also admirable because of the User-Friendly techniques and layouts they use.

How Oksms Works?
source : intechlogic
  1. Simply, you have to log in here.
  2. After that put the number you want to verify and if it’s a company number, Then put it, also.
  3. The last thing that appears to you will be the result, whether it is valid or not.

How Does The Sending Code Matter In Oksms?

One-Click SMS verification is the best thing happened for businesses to verify the company or customer’s details via phone number and to submit a form/ payment.

How Does The Sending Code Matter In Oksms?
source : techktimes

It simply sends the One-Time-Use code to the other person’s phone, and a good thing is this message doesn’t need to be opened.

It means all you have to do is enter this code into the text message box and press the Send button. This direct clicking on the code greatly simplifies the creation of winning marketing strategies and the sale of products for businesses.

You can also use OK-SMS to prevent fraud and avoid scams.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Oksms?

The main purpose of this apk application is to provide its users with a huge list of authentic but not using Phone numbers from many countries all over the world, including U.S. and Canada. That’s why it boosts the business of those who need these numbers for marketing strategies.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Oksms?
source :

Another thing that helps its users is to “Verify” the numbers so that they can simply put that number into the search bar and have the whole details of that specific user.

Similarly, if you have to send the payment to a particular number, then you can get the full information, and thus it saves you from getting Scammed!

It saves you from spam.People can misuse this application being unidentified; they can take an unknown number for many illegitimate purposes.
Certify the hidden numbers so that you’re able to know whether you’ve to use this number or not.The assurity of that person vanishes as you don’t know if you’re talking to the same person or not.
You don’t have to reveal your private information, like your credit card details.If your number falls into the hacking or spyware–illegal services, you may be stuck in the problem.
In case you get a phone call or an email asking for your personal information, you can refuse. Being anonymous lets, you act without fear of repercussions. 

Categories Of Phone Numbers Are Assorted Here

  1. Fake Phone Numbers.
  2. 10 – Minutes Phone Number.
  3. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Number.
  4. Disposable Phone Number.
  5. Anonymous Numbers.
  6. Temporary Phone Numbers.

Top 5 Alternatives Of OkSms

There is a number of other alternatives which you can also use in the replacement of oksms.


One of the best substitutions for oksms is the, where you don’t need to get registered. Another feature of this platform is that you can have a number of disposable and temporary numbers like that of Oksms so that you will work efficiently. Here we’ve inserted the link to this site. Go and try it now!

2.   Temp99

Searching for a platform that has authentic temporary phone numbers? Then Temp99 is the one which you can use for the non-permanent time period and then get rid of them after using them.


Also, they have a free network to enjoy. The link has been pasted for you. So what are you waiting for? Go and start working now!


Another best substitution for Oksms is the, where you can have phone numbers from 24 countries.

The working plan of this site is also the same as that of oksms, and that’s why a huge amount is diverted toward this platform. A great thing about is that they refresh and update all the phone numbers with the passage of time.

4.   Temp-Sms

An astonishing replacement for oksms is the Temp-sms, where you can send and receive messages as a third-party organizer. Without providing your phone number, you can have access here.


They have unlimited features, which you can explore by visiting the site from the link we’ve inserted.


Last but not least, is also the best platform where you can have an amazing list of anonymous ids and numbers here so that you can get any number from all over the world.

This platform works best for marketing purposes. Because they have to target the audience according to their need. Let’s have a look by visiting from the link we’ve pasted.


How To Get The U.S Fake Phone Numbers?

You can get an extensive list of forgery phone numbers from the OkSms of almost all countries, including the U.S. The amazing and easy-to-proceed process is shared with you people at the top, So go and check now!

Are 10-Minuetes Phone Numbers Available Over The Oksms?

Yes! 10- minutes phone number is simply another name for the fake phone number, which we all understand until now. So, You can have many verified 10-minute numbers over Oksms which you can use for many business purposes.

Is OK-SMS Free?

Yes! This application is totally free to use, and there are no specific packages to buy like other platforms. So that you can have a number of fake numbers to use and also, almost every number is pasted here so you can grab the audience you’re searching according to the interest you’re working for.

So, This application is totally free and safe to use, so Go and start downloading it by the link we’ve inserted above.

Our Finale Thoughts

Summing up the discussion,

Oksms is a verification app that works with one click and has a huge lengthy list of anonymous and disposable numbers, which can help you in working, and it also prevents you from scams.

All the details of installation and signing up are discussed above in a well-mannered way. Go and start exploring it.

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